Thermoformable Composite Sheets(KP-Sheet)

Making it Possible to Mold Shapes Freely

and Helping to Reduce Weight

Thermoformable Composite Sheets

KP-Sheets are stampable sheets that are sheet-shaped substrates for press molding, composed mainly of glass fibers (GF) and polypropylene (PP) which is a thermoplastic resin.

Since papermaking technologies are applied in the process to manufacture the core, it has an extremely homogenous composition.

Additionally, grades that support special foaming agents are lightweight substrates that have higher thermal expansion performance. They can be molded to be bulky and used as sound-absorbing material.

Since they can also be applied in combination with many types of functional films, they can be designed to accommodate a broad range of wavelengths by combining their high expansiveness with specific types of functional films.

These glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composites are lightweight with high stiffness

and also deliver high sound absorption at the same time. Their outstanding properties are being utilized for automotive interior applications such as headliners and trim on the insides of trunks, as well as exterior parts such as underbody shields.


  • (1) The papermaking process used makes it possible to homogenously combine fibers with resins that have drastically different specific gravity and shape.
  • (2) Materials used are extremely low-VOC and entirely SOC-free.
  • (3) Compression molding of 3 m² or more is possible using cold-working presses with low clamping force of approximately 20 tons.
  • (4) One-shot molding that can cause changes of 0.08 to 1.0 inside molded products is also possible.
  • (5) With low mold shrinkage of 1 to 2/1,000, dimensional stability after molding is good.
  • (6) Shape conformity is outstanding.
    – Deep drawing is possible (actual: 250 mm), and can also accommodate narrow shapes
    – High strength of molded area after molding
  • (7) Designs with expansion thicknesses between roughly 8 to 20 mm are possible in grades that contain foaming agent. -Expansion thickness control technology-
  • (8) Weight distribution in a set pattern along the direction of the thickness of the sheet can be made highly reproducible. -Multi-weight technology-
  • (9) Since even thicker sheets are around 2 mmt, they can be transported and stored with high efficiency. -Lightweight, compact-
Automotive Application  Parts

Automotive Application Parts

Automotive Application  Parts


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