Natural graphite anode materials

Natural graphite anode materials

Natural graphite has characteristics of high crystallinity and high capacity, but in its natural state it is also highly reactive with electrolytes, a property that negatively affects battery performance, e.g., by causing swelling and reduced capacity.
JFE Chemical has solved this problem by using its unique technology to reform spherical graphite. By inhibiting this reactivity with electrolytes, we modify natural graphite to make it suitable for use as an anode material in Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

Natural graphite anode materials

Particle size can be adjusted over a wide range.


  • We reform spherical natural graphite to create high-performance anode materials by skillfully applying surface treatment and heat treatment techniques using coal tar pitch that has been processed in various ways.


    • High capacity, high density can be achieved easily
    • Swelling and gas generation is suppressed by a reforming method that uses coal tar pitch.
    • Low electrical resistance at low temperature
    Spherical natural graphitecoated with coal tar pitch

    Spherical natural graphite
    coated with coal tar pitch

Typical properties

Particle Size μm 6~25
Specific surface area m2/g 1.0~12.0
True density g/cm3 2.24~2.26
Discharge capacity mAh/g 350~365


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