Hard carbon

Hard carbon anode materials

JFE Chemical manufactures this hard carbon material (non-graphitizable carbon) from coal tar using original technology. As a product, it offers superior output and durability compared to graphite, as well as a level of performance suited to hybrid cars and electric vehicles.

Hard carbon anode materials


  • Hard carbon, which is derived from coal tar pitch, has a high aromaticity, as well as a high true density, and high capacity, along with excellent output and durability. We have also developed small particle hard carbon(D50=3µm), featuring enhanced charge-discharge characteristics.

    ハードカーボン 負極材特性

    coal derived HC raw material after special heat treatment (3D crosslinking)

Typical properties

Particle size μm 3~20
Specific surface area m2/g 0.7~5.0
True density g/cm3 1.61~1.67
Discharge capacity mAh/g 350~410

Application examples

Anode material for Li-ion rechargeable battery anodes
Anode material for Li-ion capacitors
Filler for carbon and resin composite materials


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