Polyimide varnish

Customize performance with our own raw materials and polymerization technology.

Polyimides have excellent heat resistance and are used for a variety of advanced-function materials in electrical and electronic applications, as well as other fields.
We provide materials of suitable to utilize latest technology by raw material development and polymerization techniques.

Polyimide varnish


The “JIVseries” is a solution resin that applies our specialty in the synthesis and polymerization of aromatic compounds. By applying it to the base material and heat-treating it, a tough, insoluble and insoluble film with excellent heat resistance can be obtained. We provide high quality products based on our high standard raw material management system. In addition, we can customize various physical characteristics and functionality of varnish according to customer’s request.

Polyamic acid
(JIV series)
*Physical properties are for reference only and are not guaranteed.

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