Surfactants (NSF)

Contributing to improved public infrastructure

One of our group companies, K&D Fine Chemicals (Co., Ltd.), manufactures water reducing agents for concrete, dispersants for emulsion polymerization of synthetic rubbers, as well as dye dispersants and other surfactants (NSF: naphthalene sulfonic acid formalin condensate). The water reducing agents for concrete are used for enhancing the strength of electric power poles and Hume pipes (drain pipes), thereby contributing to improving public infrastructure.

Main applications
  • Water reducing agents for concrete

    Adding a mere 1% of a water reducing agent to concrete improves the fluidity of concrete and makes it easier to handle.
    Also, since fluidity can be enhanced without adding water, this product can enhance the strength of concrete by reducing the amount of water in the concrete.

    Water reducing agents for concrete
  • Dye dispersants

    These dispersants can prevent any differences in the shade of color, to ensure color uniformity.
    The products are mixed with dyes for garment dyeing processes and with inks for printers.

    Dye dispersants
  • Dispersants for emulsion polymerization
    of synthetic rubbers

    These dispersants are used in manufacturing processes for the synthetic rubbers typically used for automobile tires.
    These are functional chemical products used for enhancing the uniformity of “emulsion polymerization” reactions.

    Dispersants for emulsion polymerization of synthetic rubbers
Main product grades
Product series Product name Appearance (hue) Density (%) pH Expected function Applications and features
Brown liquid
Brown liquid
Approx. 45%
Approx. 45%
Approx. 10
Approx. 7
Dispersion, low foaming
Dispersion, low foaming
Emulsifier, dispersion stabilizer, dispersant (dyes, pigments)
Cell flow S-110 Brown liquid Approx. 40% Approx. 9 Dispersion, low foaming Water reducing agents for concrete, dispersants
Note 1) Lavelin and Cellflow are registered trademarks of K&D Fine Chemicals (Co., Ltd.)
Note 2) The above are specifications of typical products. In total, we produce and sell approximately 30 products.
Note 3) We sell products in solid (powder) form as well as liquid form.



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