Artificial graphite anode materials

Artificial graphite anode materials

Artificial graphite is a highly durable material, and is used in a wide range of applications, including PC and smartphone devices, and lithium-ion secondary batteries for electric vehicles, whose market is expected to grow significantly in the future.

MCMB graphite anode materials

Needle coke-based artificial graphite

Products are manufactured by the Chinese joint venture company Wuhai Baojie New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. Our strengths lie in quality stability and price competitiveness through integrated production from raw materials.
In addition to the high durability of artificial graphite, it also has high input and output characteristics thanks to its proprietary technology, making it suitable mainly for the negative electrode material of lithium-ion secondary batteries for electric vehicles.

  • Characteristics

    • Low expansion rate and high durability.
    • Electrodes can be densified and the battery volume capacity can be improved.
    • It exhibits excellent safety and rate characteristics.
    • A type specially for input and output characteristics can also be designed with particle size adjustment.
  • Typical properties

    Particle size μm 3-20
    Specific surface area m2/g 0.5-5.0
    True density g/cm3 2.21-2.25
    Discharge capacity mAh/g 340-360

MCMB graphite

We create spherulitic graphite by applying a heating process to our special coal tar pitch, and then converting the generated mesophase spherulite into anode material.
The anode materials are made of a graphite structure ranging in grain size from several µm to several tens of µm.

  • Characteristics

    • High durability as an anode material for Li-ion batteries
    • Ability to adjusting grain size to form high-density electrodes
    • High capacity and high initial charging efficiency
    • Excellent safety and rate characteristics
    • High electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Typical properties

    Particle size μm 3~30
    Specific surface area m2/g 0.7-5.0
    True density g/cm3 2.21~2.25
    Discharge capacity mAh/g 310~360

Application examples

Anode material for Li-ion rechargeable batteries
Filler for carbon and resin composite materials


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