Pioneering the future with

proven technology

With its world-leading technology JFE Chemical contributes contantly to society.

Pioneering the future with proven technology。

Company outline

Company name JFE Chemical Corporation
Head office 4F JFE Kuramae Bldg., 2-17-4 Kuramae, Taito-ku,
Tokyo 111-0051, Japan
Tel: +81 (03) 5820-6500
Fax: +81 (03) 5820-6539
Representative President Akira Suzuki
Capital 6 billion JPY
Annual sales Non-consolidated: 55.7 billion JPY Consolidated: 127.7 billion JPY (year to March 2022)
Established April 1, 2003
Shareholders JFE Steel Corporation (100%)
No. of employees 575 (as of March 31, 2022)


April 2003 JFE Chemical is launched with the merger of the Chemicals Division of Kawasaki
Steel Corporation and Adchemco, the chemicals business subsidiary
of NKK Corporation.
April 2004 JFE Jiangmen Ferrite Co., Ltd. is established in Guangdong province, China.
September 2005 JFE Zhenxing Shandong Chemical Co., Ltd. is established in Shandong province, China.
October 2005 Iron oxides business is reorganized with the establishment of JFE Mag Powder Co., Ltd.
April 2006 Research and development activities, previously spread between JFE Chemical and JFE Steel Research Center, are consolidated with the formation of Chemical Research Laboratory.
April 2010 JO Carbon Co., Ltd. is established within the Kurashiki Plant.
J Ferrite Powder (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is established in Rayong Province, Thailand.
November 2013 JFE Zhenxing Zaozhuang Chemical Co., Ltd. is established in Shandong province, China.
July 2015 C gas refinery contracting business is transferred to JFE Steel Corporation.

Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

JFE Chemical strives to offer high-quality products and services, and to contribute constantly to society with its world-leading technology.

Code of conduct

Enterprise Flexibility Integrity

Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision


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