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Quality assurance system

About our quality assurance system

JFE Chemical's products are manufactured on production lines certified to be in compliance with ISO 9001 international standards for quality management. Since 1995, when our Chiba Plant acquired its first ISO quality certification, until today, production of all of the products below has been certified to ISO 9001 standards.

  • 1. Tar products (napthalenes, blended oils)
  • 2. Phenols
  • 3. BTX products
  • 4. Pitch products
  • 5. Fine chemical products (indenes and customer-specified indene derivatives)
  • 6. Phthalic anhydride
  • 7. Oxides
  • 8. Graphite powder
  • 9. Hard carbon

As a coal-chemical product manufacturer, with a group-wide tar distillation capacity of 1.75 million tons per year, JFE Chemical operates a streamlined production system that fully leverages all of its accumulated technological expertise, for products ranging from basic chemicals, to battery materials, magnetic materials, optical resins, and functional chemical products for in-vehicle applications.
Right now, somewhere near you, our products are serving a useful purpose.