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JFE Chemical produces iron oxide powders, including nanoscale iron oxide, in a wide range of grades, up to the highest quality. We also supply soft ferrite powders and soft ferrite cores for electrical and electronic components. Furthermore, we strive to offer comprehensive technical services relating to magnetic materials.

Soft ferrite cores

Contributing to the electronics industry with the advanced technology of a specialist soft ferrite manufacturer

Fellow group companies JFE Ferrite (Co., Ltd.), JFE Ferrite Thailand (Co., Ltd.), and JFE Jiangmen (Co., Ltd.) all manufacture and sell a variety of Mn-Zn soft ferrite cores, using JFE Chemical’s abundant supplies of high-grade iron oxide as a raw material.
With exhaustive R&D, control, and management from the raw material stage, we continue to supply products matched to the forefront of an era.

Main applications

JFE Chemical is a pioneer in supplying a variety of industries with low-loss materials for electric power supplies, high-magnetic permeability materials, as well as high-magnetic flux density materials, wide-temperature range materials, and high-frequency capable materials. From general applications to embedded implementation, we have always earned acclaim for our materials in fields including power supply transformers, choke coils, noise filters, and antennas.

Typical product shapes

Typical product shapes

Core shape examples: A wide range, from a min. of 2.5 mm to a max. of 205 mm

Typical properties

Typical characteristics of
Mn-Zn ferrite cores
Initial magnetic permeability Core loss
Saturation magnetic
flux density (23°C) (mT)
Curie temperature (°C) Resistance (Ωm)
Low-loss materials 2500 270~350 510~520 ≧215 4.5~6
High-frequency capable, low-loss materials 2100 300(*) 520 ≧215 10
High-frequency capable, low-loss materials 1250 65(**) 510 ≧260 15
Low-loss, low-temperature coefficient materials 3300~3400 300~340 510~530 ≧215~230°C 4
Low-loss, high-magnetic flux density materials 1600~2000 380~420 510~540 420~460(***) ≧215 6
High-magnetic permeability materials 5000~12000 400~434 ≧115~140 0.02~0.8
Low-temperature coefficient, high-magnetic permeability materials 5000~7000 480 ≧180
High-frequency capable, high-resistance materials 3800 390 ≧120 50

*300kHz,100mT,100°C **500kHz,50mT,101°C ***100°C


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Ferrite powder

A comprehensive manufacturer of ferrite magnetic powder

Fellow group company JFE Mag-Powder (Co., Ltd.) manufactures a variety of ferrite powders using JFE Chemical’s iron oxide as a raw material. We cater to the needs of our customers with a wide range of products, including calcined powder and granulated powder for Mn-Zn and Ni-Zn soft ferrite, as well as ferrite raw material for photocopier carriers, raw materials for chips, and electromagnetic wave absorption. In collaboration with JFE Chemical’s magnetic materials development center, we also offer comprehensive technical services extending from product development to after-sales support.
This ferrite powder is used as a heat-generating powder in microwave ovens. There is also a ferrite powder that stops the temperature rise in a microwave oven. Ferrite powder can be used as an additive in silicone resin, to enable transformation into sheets/vessels. In response to toughening of regulations relating to high-frequency electronic equipment and electromagnetic environments, we are now working on the development of ferrite powders for gigahertz (GHz) frequency bands.

A comprehensive manufacturer of ferrite magnetic powder
A comprehensive manufacturer of ferrite magnetic powder
Primary grain diameter(μm) Bulk density (g/cm3) Initial magnetic permeability (μi) Core loss (kW/m3) Saturation magnetic flux density (mT) Curie temperature (°C)
Mn-Zn low-loss materials 1.5-2.0 1.3 2200 – 4500 300-600 490-500 >210
Mn-Zn high-μ materials 1.3 1.3-1.8 6000 -12000 460-350 100-150
Ni-Zn 1.5-1.8 1.5 5 – 2000 220-450 80-250


Iron oxides

Using advanced technology and excellent equipment, JFE Chemical supplies iron oxides to meet the strictest demands for high quality and stable supply

JFE Chemical manufactures and sells the highest grade iron oxide in the world, using its own original production technology, and it is the world market share leader in high-purity iron oxides. To satisfy the diverse needs of our customers, we offer a wide production selection of materials of various grades, including soft ferrite, hard ferrite, ferrite carriers, and pigments.

Mean grain diameter (μm) Cl (ppm) SiO2 (ppm) Ca (ppm) Na (ppm)
High-purity products 0.5~0.95 ≦1000 ≦80 ≦100 ≦15
Medium-purity products 0.5~0.95 ≦1500 ≦350 ≦100 ≦15
General-purpose products 0.5~1.10 ≦3000 ≦1000 ≦400 ≦2000


Iron oxide appearance

Iron oxides


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