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Other functional material products

JFE Chemical applies its

manufacturing expertise to satisfy

the needs of its customers.

Our materials are used in a wide variety of digital consumer electronics. With a steady eye on the growing demand for ever more advanced and multifunctional products, we are developing new materials to the evolving demands of our customers.
(Example: low absorbency, solvent-solubility, electrical non-conductance)

Special phenol resins

Phenols is a product category that JFE Chemical is strongly focused on. We leverage our wealth of knowledge about phenols to develop new phenol resins.


Benzoxazine is a thermosetting monomer that enables the production of hardened materials with high heat resistance and good electrical characteristics.
Since no secondary products (e.g., condensation water) are generated during hardening, the resulting materials do not tend to form voids, resulting in good dimensional stability and adhesiveness.



Acenaphthylene is a compound that has both double bonds and a naphthalene structure. It is considered promising as an additive for enhancing the mechanical strength, heat resistance, and optical properties of polyolefins.

Product name Acenaphthylene
Abbreviation -
Compound name Acenaphthylene
Chemical name Acenaphthylene
Chemical structure
Molecular formula C12H8
Reg. No. CAS No. 208-96-8
Chemical Substances Control Law (4)-644
Product specifications Appearance Yellow solid
Properties Molecular weight 152.2
Specific gravity
Flash point 126°C
Melting point 92°C
Boiling point 265°C
Packing 15 kg fiber drums
Applicable laws, regulations Fire Service Law Designated combustibles (combustible solids) (3,000 kg)
Application examples Raw material for functional resins
Production scale Mass production